Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fizz for Thought

Louis wakes up every morning and the first thing he asks is, "Can I watch a movie on your iPhone?" To which I might reply, "and good morning to you, sweet Lou." Then he'll remember that there are other good things on earth, like BREAKFAST! and we're off to the races.

Lou loves to play almost anything, and if you entice him, he'll go anywhere or do anything with you, but if he's not entertained, either by his sister or his parents, or anyone else who'll have him, he'll revert back to screens, which is what we first world mothers call them now.

Combine this passion with his absolute loyalty to sweet foods, and we have the potential for some serious mushroom growing. We, as his parents, do our ever lovin' best to keep the boy moving both physically and neurologically, but it's a negotiation - sometimes we end up with the entire western territory for five dollars, and sometimes we get a vacation condo with a moldy shower stall and bed bugs - you just never know with boys.

So today, after shutting him down from watching a third movie or Avatar episode or whatever, he turns to me and asks if he can have a ginger ale. He already knows he can't have a ginger ale. He can have soda at grown up parties, but that's about it, maybe a couple sips of mine if he's being a sweetheart. But he's asking me for ginger ale after shape-shifting into the form of the sofa for more that two hours. So, instead of again saying, "No Lou, no soda." I take his hands in mine and sit next to him on our bench.

Looking him the eyes I say, "Here's my worry about you, Lou. I worry that you are watching too much TV and eating a bunch of crap and that you'll turn into a lazy fat person if you do that for too long. You're thin and energetic now, but these habits will turn on you without warning, and then suddenly you're a sad, lethargic, dull person."

He's looking me right in the eyes and I can feel his attention, he's hearing me, I'm really doing great. I ride the wave and continue, "You need to find things that are of interest to you when you're on your own, other than screens. There's drawing and reading, listening to music, dancing, fort building, coloring, toys..."

I've still got him. He's considering these things. I am the greatest parent on earth! My feet are not touching the ground.  "And furthermore Lou, we all love hanging out with you, so join in, be with us." He's nodding, "Ok, mama, I will." He feels so loved, I'm feeling so open and radiant.

Then he pauses and says, "Mom, I do have one question."

"Ask it, babes."

"One word, yes or no, can I have a ginger ale?"


  1. Fer Fizzle, I think this might be my favoritest one yet.

  2. I read this aloud to my little Louis, thinking he could relate. He laughed and then asked if we had any Ginger Ale.

  3. you just narrated my entire existence with Liam, almost 4. you are my favoritist.
    (I=friend of L.T. and former NSHS student)