Sunday, July 5, 2009

I've Moved A Lot

1. 19 East 88th street, NY - Learned to ride without training wheels in front of the Guggenheim museum.

2. 126 E. 95th, NY - Lived in a browstone, sold hastily during my parents divorce.  Mentioning this place, still pisses off my dad.

3. 444 E. 82nd, NY- On the 25th floor with my mom and step-dad, my hamster died here.
4.  Garcia St. Santa Fe, NM - Rode roller skates the entire year I lived here. 

5. Fiske St, Pacific Palisades, CA - Was repeatedly molested by my guitar teacher the whole year I lived here.

6. Five different dorm rooms, The Cambridge School of Weston - All good. 

7. Huron Ave., Cambridge, MA - Mom and David lived here. Fell in love with Casey here.

8. Hillary and Trudy's house, Huron Ave. Cambridge, MA - Mom left David, friends took us in.

9. Elliot St., Cambridge Ma.- one bedroom with Mom, senior year.

10. Greg Cushna's House, Newton Highlands, MA - mom moves to california. No where to go, move in with boyfriend's family.

11. Orchard Hill, Umass, Amherst - heinous dorm experience, roommate tries to beat me up. Meet friends for life.

12. Puffton Village, Amherst MA - first off-campus housing. Smelly, but fun.

13. Columbus Avenue, Boston - with Sioux, lost summer. Very fun.

14. Weird little Summer apartment, Amherst Ma - First time living solo.  Great summer. Photo school. 

15. Main Street, Northampton, MA with Deb Polansky - so fun. 

16. Massasoit St., Nothampton, MA with Megan Jasper and Sheila and the guy who died in the fire. - Constantly running out of heating oil, filling with $50 a time.  Lean. Strange. Often fun. Dated Cross dresser.

17. 22 Graves Ave. Northampton MA, with Rob Skelton, Henry, etc. - Rock house. Pancakes always offered to company in the after hours. Fell in love with Jason here.

18. 3(?)Main Street, Northampton, MA with Jason Loewenstien, Henry Bruner, Dan Goodin - Met Vild for the 1st time here.

19. 30 Main Street, Northampton, MA, with only Jason - first love nest. 
20 676 Geary, tenderloin, SF, CA - On my own again in the loin. Sexually harassed at first fashion-industry job.

21. National Blvd. Los Angeles, CA - Tiny little birdhouse. 100 square feet? Slugs crawled into shower. Like living in a boat. 

22. Culver Blvd. Los Angeles, CA - one bedroom. Broken into. Big Earthquake.

23. 18th/Sanchez, SF, CA - Commuted to Hayward. one-hour each way. Five years.

24. Shenandoah, Los Angeles, CA - biked to work in hollywood. Lived near my sister. Good year.

25. 3145 Meadowbrook, Cleveland Heights, Oh - Moved to ohio to be with Vild.

26. 2585 Idlewood, Cleveland Heights, OH - Had my babies here. 

27. 7444 Fields Road, Chagrin Falls, OH - living la vida loca.


  1. Funny... I made a google map once with the same goal. Then I started to think about not where I have been, but who has been in this 100 year old room / apartment here in Brooklyn that I am sitting in... What stories have unfolded here? What is yet to happen?
    Buddhists point out that in the case of a cup, it is the empty space inside that makes it useful. Same with a house / room / home.
    Then we have to decide what to fill it with... hopefully with lots of love!
    Best to all.

  2. Jennifer tobin haydockJuly 9, 2009 at 3:12 PM

    Perfect descriptions of each place. Makes me want to read your memoir. When's it being published?

  3. I lived across the park from you when I was born. I was in Santa Fe right after you. I think I met you on Main Street. I knew that guy who died in the fire. We met over a glass pipe in the other SF. I followed you to LA. And I went to your wedding.

    It still amazes me.

  4. I'm thinking I've known you for 10.