Friday, April 3, 2009

A post about posting

Dear Friends,

I've had a lot of email telling me that you can't figure out how to leave comments on the blog, which, by the way, are the light of my life.  So here's a little lesson.

1. Scroll to the bottom of the post you'd like to comment on.  
2. In tiny light blue lettering, it says comments, in a mere whisper.  
3. Click on that inconsequential word.  
4. Scroll to the bottom, again, where a blank square longingly awaits your thoughts. 
5.  HERE'S THE TRICK.   Click preview first, then post.  

This seems to work.  And I'll love you for the effort.


  1. Great of God hilarity - you've got me hooked. This morning was the first moment I had to visit this blog & I swear you're paying for my soiled boxers. When I laughed uncontrollably as a youth, I used to merely lose my breath & turn red in the face. It seems as though the fourth decade of life adds incontinence hay fever symptoms to the mix. Keep up the good work & I'll go stock up on Depends & Benadryl.

  2. Jess
    You're a riot...wonderful funny so very, very funny. Loved it. It's hard to beat the address of Chagrin Falls. It sounds like Rocky and Bullwinkle. It's a treat to read your stuff. Miss you. Still love you.

  3. Jess, I thank you for my hours of endless, pee in my pants, dear lord, it is the truth and thank you for putting it in writing, laugh out loud stories! You are a fabulous writer and I would buy everyone of your books!!!